What Are The Three Types of Colored Lashes?

1. Bombré

Simply put, Bombré lashes are essentially ombré eyelash strips that beautifully transition from a black base color into a secondary color at the tips. This collection is perfect for anyone looking for a subtle pop of color that will compliment both natural and full glam looks!

2. Solids

Solid colored lashes all consist of just 1 gorgeous color evenly distributed throughout each individual lash. There is no mix of secondary colors and lash tone stays consistent from tip to base. This collection is perfect for those looking for a bold and noticeable look. Not for the faint of heart!

3. Hybrids

Our Hybrid Collection premieres breathtaking lashes with at least 2 separate colors mixed together. Unlike the Bombré Collection, these lashes do not fade into their secondary colors. There is no change between base and tip color, instead solid colored individual lashes are blended with solid lashes of another color. This collection brings dimension and flare to any look!

All three of our Flower Bomb colored collections feature a diverse selection of gorgeous lashes designed to enhance your confidence and creative expression. Whether you're looking to top off a soft look or take your bold editorial looks to the next level, we have the perfect lash for you!

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