Ambassador Tips: Blending Colored Lashes With Your Natural Lashes

Ever seen a gorgeous pair of colored lashes and wondered "I love them! How will I blend these beautiful colors with my natural eye lashes?" Most colored lashes cover the underlying black tones well, but if you find yourself in need of a more seamless blend, here are some expert tips brought to you by our very own Bomb Squad Ambassadors!

1. Mascara + Eye Shadow

"My initial thoughts were 'How am I going to blend my natural lashes to the colored ones?' but I found it helped to put a coat of mascara on and then while it was still wet I put the same color eye shadow on my lashes so you can’t tell the difference between them! It worked for me!"



2. Eye Lash Curler

"I did 2 versions of the look, one with mascara and one without. And I found the lashes stood out and look more "natural" on the eyes when I didn't use mascara just curl the lashes right before you apply the false lashes and they blend in perfectly!"



3. Clear Mascara Topped with Shadow

"Okay! Personally I blend my lashes together by applying the lash to my eye and evening it out, then I use clear mascara and apply that to my natural lashes that are underneath. Then, if I have an eye shadow that matches the lash I lightly apply it to my natural lashes."


  • Please feel free to leave comments with any other helpful tips you may have found for blending your Flower Bomb Lashes with your natural lash line!

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